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It is the belief of the firm that communication between the Architect and Client must be of the highest order throughout all stages of design and construction. For this reason Mr. Silver personally acts as the managing Architect throughout all major office projects. He coordinates and works together with his staff as a team, involving himself completely in the programming and concept stage; he maintains direct relationship with the team throughout the preliminaries, schematics, working drawings and supervision. The client therefore retains continuity of service, by dealing with the same Architect and a senior staff member of the firm, from the beginning to the end of the project.

This team approach, together with continuous senior involvement, allows the firm to maintain close design control, thereby enabling us to meet budgets, meet time commitments and satisfy the client's functional requirements.

During the course of the design and working drawing development, all senior members of the team meet regularly to monitor progress of the project. At this time they are expected to report on the scheduling of the project, budget, and any ongoing areas of concern.

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One project architect and one senior technician will be involved throghout the entire project. The advantages of this joint commitment is an overlap of skills and experience, thereby providing a more comprehensive service to our clients.

In additon, continuity is established by having the same staff involved in all stages of the building's development, rather than being passed on to a different person from design, to production, to supervision.

As necessary, draftsmen from our firm join the production team to help complete the project.


Lanny L.M. Silver Architect's service to its clients includes Structural, Mechanical and Elecrical Engineers. Our choice of engineers is based on their experience and their workload at the time of appointment.

Our engineers are chosen with care, reflecting a wide range of expertise and skills, and will contribute:




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Lanny L.M. Silver Architect has developed a method of approaching the design of complex building types with sophisticated technical requirement. These projects require substantial technical input and refinement, must be fully integrated without compromise and be totally functional.

Total integration is implemented by the "hands on" approach of Mr. Silver, who completely involves himself in all stages of the projects from the beginning to the end of the project.

Total integration can occur only when all members of the the design team - client, architect/engineer, contractor - have a clear understanding of what is required of them at every stage, and all work together towards a common goal. Mr. Silver prepares a critical path goal chart which includes all members of the team. Each member is told exactly what is required of him at every stage, and they are requested to perform without compromise. It then becomes the responsibility of Lanny L.M. Silver Architect to modify as required, the individual goals, into the common goal of a completd building. The final outcome reflects a balanced approach to the total design; an integration of the clients requirements with technical solutions producing a "best buy" building, on time and on budget.

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Our firm undertakes estimating and cost control, and assumes an obligation for working within agreed budgets. Historically, we have had great success in designing within fixed budget limits. This is accomplished by a continuous feedback system of previous work in our office. Since cost is ultimately determined by the market place, we have an ongoing procedure for keeping up with current market trends, labour supply, and product development.

All major components and systems are isolated and a budget assigned at the beginning of the project which reflects the total initial budget.

As the project progresses, client requirements are included and when a preliminary desigh is obtained a contractor is asked to provide a costing estimate. Based on the results changes can be effected prior to tendering. Similarily following tendering, changes are made as required, with the client to keep the project on track.

The following list of clients have awarded the firm projects on an ongoing basis due to our ability to control construction costs.

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