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L. Silver
Principal of the firm, Lanny L.M. Silver B.A.M.A.A. M.R.A.I.C. Dipl. Arch has over 30 years of experience in construction, design, and administration.

Formal Study in Architecture was obtained from the University of Manitoba, followed by further study with The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Lanny has certification from the R.A.I.C and is registered in Manitoba by The Manitoba Association of Architects.

Gabriel Prpfeta
Senior Technician Gabriel G. Profeta C.T. Arch. (associate) is a Senior Architectural Technologist. Gabriel has 30 years of experience, is a member of A.B.T.A.M., and was an instructor in building technology at Red River Community College. He is skilled and experienced in project management, construction administration and building technology.

Lanny L.M. Silver Architect
437 Assiniboine Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C-0Y5 Canada
Telephone (204)944-0464
Facsimile (204)944-0464

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